The main book collection of the library, which numbers just over 100,000, covers popular materials in all subjects, and reflects the member’s reading interests. There are also some special collections of books. The library also provides magazines and newspapers.

Main Collection

The main book collection of the library, which numbers just over 100,000, covers popular materials in all subjects, and reflects the members’ reading interests. The collection is particularly strong in the following areas:

While the majority of the books are in English, there are significant numbers of items in Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi and some special materials in Sanskrit, Urdu and Persian.
The library continuously purchases new books, and regularly weeds out old items.

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Special Collections

Rare and Valuable Books

These are unique items, mostly on history and religion, of great importance to researchers in these subjects. Some manuscripts and books date back to the 17th Century. The highlight of the collection is a rare copy of the ‘Shahnamah’ – the Persian “Book of Kings’ written by famous Persian poet Hakim Abul Qasim Firdausi Tusi. It is a classic work covering the history of ancient Iran, and contains beautiful calligraphy and colourful illustrations. A digitized version of this work is also available in the Library. The rare and valuable items are housed separately and are only available for reference in the library.

The Children’s Collection

Besides a wide variety of children’s fiction, this collection includes non-fiction items on all subjects, such as science, history, geography, language skills, etc. Books on general knowledge as well as arts and crafts and other hobbies are as widely read as the fairy tales and mysteries. There is enough here to hold the interest of children of all ages, and particularly provide material for school projects.

Reference Collection

This includes dictionaries and general encyclopedias, as well as specialized glossaries, subject encyclopaedias, directories, atlases, biographical works, etc. Some of the works are out of print but are distinguished for their unique specialized information, which is not available elsewhere, not even on the Internet.

Art Collection

An exclusive collection of art books belonging to Late Dr. Rusi Merwanji Bharocha was donated to the library. The books, with magnificent photographs, deal with the lives and works of a range of famous artists.

The Bhabha Collection

An eclectic selection of about 3,000 books on a variety of subjects, collected over the years by Dr. Homi Bhabha, Nuclear Scientist, and Mr. Jamshed Bhabha, connoisseur of the arts, was gifted to the library by the National Centre of the performing Arts.

Periodicals and Newspapers

The library subscribes to 107 popular magazines covering sports, lifestyle, cookery, general knowledge, current affairs, women’s interests, etc. It also receives several complimentary periodicals. It also subscribes to 40 newspapers, several of them in multiple copies. Back issues of selected newspapers have been maintained, and are consulted regularly by researchers.