The J.N. Petit Institute, which has been in existence since 1856, is one of the most distinguished libraries in Mumbai and in India. The library has served generations of residents of Mumbai by providing them with reading material for education, information, personal development and recreation.


Over the years the library has built up a main collection of over 100,000 books covering all subjects, and including old classic works as well as modern fiction and non-fiction. There are also some special collections of books. The library subscribes to various periodicals and newspapers, all of which are in great demand by the members.


The magnificent building in which the library is housed was built using a donation from Bai Dinbai Nesserwanjee Petit, and was inaugurated on 1st May, 1898. An extension, including the reading room, was added in 1939. The building was given the Urban Heritage Award for the year 1990 by the Bombay Heritage Society.


The Reading Room of the library, with a seating capacity of 300, is open on all days. Its functionality is complemented by the breathtaking beauty of its stained glass windows, with portraits of members of the Petit family.