This is a selection of important rules applying to members.
The full book of rules is available with the Administrator

The Management reserves the right to admit any person as a Member to the Institute, and can decline the request for admission, without giving any reason whatsoever.
All subscriptions shall be payable, every quarter, in advance. Members admitted in the 2nd or the 3rd month of a quarter shall pay in advance the subscription for the quarter in full.
Members allowing their subscription to fall into arrears for two quarters will be struck off the rolls at the discretion of the Managing Committee, after expiry of a weeks’ notice in writing, sent to them by the Hon. Treasurer or the Hon. Secretary or Jt. Hon. Secretaries demanding payment.
All fines for late return of books, magazines reviews or periodicals must be paid immediately. No books, magazines reviews newspapers or periodicals will be issued if the fines are not paid up and the members’ names will be struck off the roll at the discretion of the Managing Committee after expiry of a week’s notice in writing.
Making drawings, comments, criticisms or marginal annotations in books, periodicals, etc., are strictly prohibited.
Any book, newspaper, review or periodical lost, or returned with leaves torn or missing, or otherwise damaged or defaced, shall be charged to the member, in whose name it stands, at such price as shall be fixed by the Managing Committee.
Any member requiring a book which has already been issued, may place his claim for it on the requisite card available from the Institute office at a price fixed by the Managing Committee from time to time.
No conversation shall be allowed in the Reading Room to the annoyance of members. Eating and drinking on the library premises is also strictly forbidden.
No member shall be allowed to enter the Hall with any books, periodical or paper, or article with him. If any member wishes to carry any book (not a magazine or newspaper) into the Hall for studying, he shall present the same at the counter and enter it up in the book especially kept for the purpose.
Each member will be provided with a membership card at the beginning of every calendar year, free of charge, bearing his name and ledger number. It shall be valid for three calendar years only. Any member on severing his connection with Institute shall return such card. The membership card is not transferable. Any member on entering the Reading Room shall show his membership card and sign in the requisite register. In case of loss of the membership card, a duplicate membership card may be issued on payment of Rs. 100/-.